Tree Paintings

Recent Watercolours and Oil paintings by Pam Miller

I have always been inspired by nature and my reconnection with my own creativity began with walks in London Parks together with wandering along the shore of the river Thames around Rotherhithe, where I have lived for over twenty years.

I have spent most of my working life teaching in secondary schools in London and the North East, and I continue to moderate GCSE Art for AQA examining board. I left teaching a few years ago to concentrate on my own artwork and creative pursuits.

I began to explore the medium of watercolour after joining a class at Morley College a few years ago. It was at this class that I rediscovered my love of painting. I am excited by the immediacy of watercolours and the versatility of the paint to produce quick studies and ideas, as well as the ability to work and rework more intricate pieces over a period of time.

The classes at Morley College were a starting point for some of my recent watercolours and I have also found inspiration from fragments of pottery found on the banks of the Thames when the tide is out. Recently, I have been experimenting with oils, a medium that l have not used since Art College days, and the resulting paintings have been inspired by wonderful trees I have seen in London and Tuscany.

I do hope you enjoy my new work.

Pam Miller
August 2015

 Dawn   Dawn 
 Tuscany Tree   Tuscany Tree 
 Tuscany Trees 1   Tuscany Trees 1 
 Tuscany Trees 2   Tuscany Trees 2 
 Tuscany Trees 1 & 2   Tuscany Trees 1 & 2 
 John Islip Street Tree 1   John Islip Street Tree 1 
 John Islip Street Tree 2   John Islip Street Tree 2 
 John Islip Street Tree 3   John Islip Street Tree 3 
 Kew Tree 1   Kew Tree 1 
 Kew Tree 2   Kew Tree 2 
 Kew Tree 3   Kew Tree 3